Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In the article "Aspen firefighters rescue men in pipe" by Janet Urquhart what matters is that a man was looking out for the common well being of others. While two men were in a manhole working on a pipe, a water department employee noticed that there was water flowing in the pipe. This was very concerning to him because he knew that the men could be seriously hurt, so he immediately called for help. The fact that this man was so alert on the job and noticed that these two men were in trouble and saved them from being in grave danger. It is comforting to know that some people in the world care for others.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


In the article “5 boulder students OD on prescription drugs” what matters is that students are over dosing on drugs while in class. According to police a female had brought in drugs that were her mom’s medication that she stole and over dosed on. There are many things that are very bad about this report one is that kids are doing drugs in class. Also that they over dosed and could have possible died from this act. One thing is that the teacher didn’t even notice them taking the pills in her class and almost dying. This action should teach the school a lesson and let the teachers know that they need to be more aware of their class.

Monday, November 23, 2009


In the article " Colorado grain elevator fined after teen's death" what matters is a man was having teenagers work for him and he died on the job. He was suffocated in a bin of grain while working, the man that hired the teen is being fined 1.6 million dollars. On top of this incident he had a total of 25v violations 13 of which being very serious violations. The owner had a total of 15 minors working for him, this is bad that our government made laws about child laws along time ago but people are resorting to it now. The youngest worker was 13 years old and the oldest being 17, this kids were working for little money and in dangerous working conditions.


In the article " Denver man honored as neighborhood hero" by The Denver Post the thing that matters is that a man saved someones life that he didn't know. While walking around he noticed a man trying to hang himself at the Bus stop with a belt. So this man ran over and cut the belt away from the mans neck, he had this knife from his grandfathers advice to always carry around a knife. This man is being awarded as a neighborhood hero for keeping this man alive, one thing that is concerning is that what if this man had the knife for bad reasons this should be considered by the police. Even though he saved a mans life what if he had bad intentions with the knife. This may also send a message to people that it is okay to carry around a knife since this man got an award carrying around a sharp knife.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the article "Commerce City golf course taking aim at geese" by Howard Pankratz what matters is that people are trying to get rid of animals in a Non-Human ways. The golf course is setting off things that make loud nosies and say that they are non harmful but what if one the geese walked over one and when it exploded and harmed the geese. I think that there is a better way to get rid of the geese with out possible hurting them. Also the government should have gone in and researched this to make sure that it is not harmful. Plus company's that do this should have to get clearance form the government first so that they are not doing anything illegal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the article "Put Forth our best Writing selves" by Douglas Hesse the main point is that writing is becoming more popular because people can express them selves through it.

Monday, November 9, 2009


In the article " Fort Carson solider arrested for allegedly firing gun at people outside bar" by Maria St. Louis-Shancez what matters is that a man trusted by the US government tried to kill someone. The fact that this man was in the army, navy, or marines he thinks he can fire a gun at civilized people which is against the law and this man should know his laws very well. The man should be severely fined and punished for his actions in the act of almost killing a citizen. This is very scary to think that someone that was hired to protect our country almost killed someone. He had also had felony's in the past which i think that the government should take more precautions, so that people will not do this and not hire people that have had criminal records.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In the article "CO health board backs off medical marijuana rule" by Ivan Moreno what matters is that the government is putting laws down as to who can sell marijuana for medical reasons. After these laws were written the health board said that it is a good idea because it will be harder for patients to obtain marijuana for their medical purposes. Some people do not agree with this policy and think that it is very wrong because the fact that people may really need it butmay not be able to. Others think it is a good idea and it may help with marijuana addictions or people buying it and saying that theyhave medical issues. I personal think that it is a good policy because it will make it harder for people to obtain marijuana that they may not actually need.

Friday, October 30, 2009


In the article "Boulder high schoolers mix it up over a marijuana deal gone bad" by Howard Pankratz what matters is that high schoolers are getting involved in illegal drugs. Also that they want it so bad that they will get in a fight because they cant get it. Police say that the dealer put the buyer in a choke hold until he gave him his money. So this goes to show that all drugs involve are violence and cheating people out of there money. I think that this is something that needs to be fixed becasue these kids are risking there lives to get the drugs and also with the drugs. This is an issue that needs to be solved or more and more of our teens will die from it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the article "Pitkin investigating booby trap left on trail for bicyclists" by an anomuse writer of The Denver Post what matters is that someone tried to hurt people that were bicycling and trying to have fun. This is scary that someone is trying to choke someone for what ever reason and really hurt someone. Luckily two people found it before someone got hurt cops have looked into it and are going to press charges if they can find the person who did it. Another thing to consider is that what if someone triggered this and had a baby with them or a young child and both of them died. I think that this is a vile act and if these people get caught they should faceserious cahrges for it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In the article " Secertery at Denver charged in duct taping of boy" by Joey Bunch what matters is that teachers are resorting to abuse because of the child's behavior in class. The mom of the child agreed with the charges ans hopes that the school district will learn from it. Also what matters is that schools are hiring such people that will resort to abuse when angry. I think that it is important that teachers can control their angry and not take it out on their students.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In the article “Deal reached on delaying raises for Denver deputies” by Christopher N. Osher, what matters the most is that the men and women that protect the city of Denver get better pay. I think that it is very important that people that risk their life to protect others get a good pay. If they did not get paid enough many, people could have quit because of the low pay. The deputies got received a 20,000 dollar pay raise annually and that is a great pay raise for the men and women who protect the city of Denver.


In the article "Our Googley advice to students: Major in learning" by Google Blog, what matters is that google is becoming more and more advanced every year. I can relate this to Micheal Weschs video "The Machines are using us" because in his video he says that computers learn from us every time we use them. Also there are many characteristics that state how important google and its ideals are to the world. One thing that i thought was interesting was that education never stops no matter how old you are, so learn how to get a good education at a young age and you will succed better in later in your life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In the article "Rigor Redefined" by Tony Wagner what matters is that schools are not preparing students for the 21st century and what that will bring for them. This may not allow students to get jobs which will lead to a lot of students not being able to live anywhere. The way that students are being schooled is not all correct and it should be changed. I can relate to this because my English teacher wants to teach me very well so that i know everything that i can which i appreciate a lot. I hope that things will change and i will get a great education and succeed in life and have a great job.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I disagree with this article “Key Board Vs. Pen” by Virginia Berninger because when I write with pen and paper I turn in horrible work, but if I were to do my work on a computer I do a lot better work. Also my work is sloppy and messy with pen and paper so I get graded down on that but on a computer your work is neat and nice looking. I do not spell things well and so a computer helps me with that and also to look up words on the internet. With a computer you can email your work or put it on a jump drive which makes your work easier to transport so it does not get crumpled or ripped until I need to print it. It is also very helpful for revisions because on paper there is just a bunch of stuff thrown onto the page with computers you can just go through erase and put in new stuff.

Monday, October 5, 2009


In the article "Footprints in the Digital Age" by Will Richardson what matters is that if you are a very good hard worker and do a lot of good things but no one know's until they find out. So in a digital footprint you can hurt your future or help your future or present so if you use the computer in a good way than you can benifit from that. What also matters is that younger kids need to be more informed about what technology can do to their present and future.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In Mr. Fisch's video "2020" what matters is that technology is transforming the world. It will effect education because the technology will be so advanced that we will not need school any more, because the internet will have everything there is to know and students could just cheat on every assignment they have.This is like Mr. Fisch's video "Did you Know" when he talks about how there will be laptops that will be smarter than the human race someday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


In the article "Solar Power Plant is Coming to Brush" by an anonymous of the Denver Post what matters is that Colorado is making solar energy plant, which will provide jobs. This is very important that Colorado has done this becasue it will create more enregy for a lot of Colorado and also provide over 380 jobs and in this economy that is very good for people who have not been able to find jobs. When people get jobs they can have money and then when more people get jobs it makes the economy better.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In the article " Boulder filmmaker sues over use of Warren Miller" by Jason Blevin what matters is that people are getting their name put out to the world without their consent. This could be very dangerous becasue someone could have their name out in the world and not know it. This could lead to geeting their identity stolen. Then they will not know how it happened and be in alot of trouble because of their name being put out into the world without your consent.

Friday, September 18, 2009


In the movie "A VIsion of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch, what matters is that most collage students do not pay attention in class or do all of their homework. It is very important that all collage students do their homework becasue they are wasting there money and time. Also if they have a scholarship and theyare not doing their homework or classwork they can lose their scholarship. I can relate this to myself because homework in highschool is a very large percentage of your grade so it is important to do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In the article "Boulder homeless man set ablaze by fellow transient" by an anonymous author of The Denver Post, what matters is that people in the world are resorting to violence for no reason. This is kind of like murder. Why do people kill other living human beings? They do not even care. All they are doing is taking someone away from their family because they felt like killing someone. Also what matters is that people are so angry at their life that they do this kind of thing; instead, they could go get help.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


In the article "CU flu cases seem to be leveling off" by The Assicated Press what matters is that the H1N1 flu cases at CU has gone gone down by 60. This is important becasue it is showing that a very dangerous flu has gone down in the size of cases. Also what matters is that students at CU can go back and learn and get a education to suceed in life. The school says that they will not test unless they are very sick which is very bad those students could have H1N1 and can spread it around the whole school and take many kids out of school.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson what matters is that technology is making our world full of slangs and horible English. This is making the world having more problems with comunication. I can relate this to the movie "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch he states that the machines of the world are learning from us with everything we do on them. So this articleand movie both talk about things that technology does to us. Also in another movie we wacthed was "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch he said that texting is very popular and there are millions of texts sent everyday. This brings back the fact that texting is making the English language sloppy.

Friday, September 4, 2009


In the video "The Machines are using us" by Micheal Wesch what matters is that every time we do something on a computer we teach it something. When we teach the computer something which is almost every day we make the computer smarter. It matters to the world because we are all making and teaching machines that might become smarter than us. I can realate this video to Karl Fisch's video "Did you know" in his movie he stated that by 2013 there will be computer than will exceed the human brain in knowledge. One moret hing that matters is what this will do to education when students go home and do homework on the computer they are teaching it and soon all those computers will be smarter than the student.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the article "Health advisory issued as smoke flows into Colorado" by Howard Pankratz what matters is that a there is a health concern in Colorado because of fires thousands of miles away. This has a big impact on many people that have lung problems I have asthama and it the haze has made my asthma alot worse when I have football practice. Also this haze can worsen some peoples conditions which is not good. The haze may go away but until then there is still a major health concern for Colorado.

Monday, August 31, 2009


What mattered to me when we read the "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" and "Woman raise bar at colleges" was that the articles were very offensive to guys. The articles said that girls were smarter and more likely to get into college and have a better education than boys. It also said that girls have a higher graduation rate than boys. I think that there are boys that are like the girls that can be smarter than some girls but this articles make it sound like boys just suck in college and dont know anything. All of this kinda offended me and i thought that all boys in colleges could do better than this.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In the video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch, what matters the most is the future. The whole presentation is about the world and what is happening every where in the world. One of the things that he said was that China will become the number one English speaking country in the world. That is very amazing becasue how will all of the people in China learn the language? It also said that by 2013 there will be a thousand dollar computer that will exceed the human brain in knowledge. That was very scary to think about that technology will exceed the human race.