Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I disagree with this article “Key Board Vs. Pen” by Virginia Berninger because when I write with pen and paper I turn in horrible work, but if I were to do my work on a computer I do a lot better work. Also my work is sloppy and messy with pen and paper so I get graded down on that but on a computer your work is neat and nice looking. I do not spell things well and so a computer helps me with that and also to look up words on the internet. With a computer you can email your work or put it on a jump drive which makes your work easier to transport so it does not get crumpled or ripped until I need to print it. It is also very helpful for revisions because on paper there is just a bunch of stuff thrown onto the page with computers you can just go through erase and put in new stuff.


  1. Hey there I'm Dan (your mentor). I agree that the computer is much more neat and tidy. What I want you to tell me is this: which tool produces the more quality paper/essay, the pen or the computer? (Content is the most important thing in writing).

  2. Hi, I'm your other mentor, Danielle. Often times using a pen and paper is better to focus your thoughts. Jotting down my thoughts during my research and transferring them to a computer later works best for me. In doing this, my thoughts are clear and focused already. I do agree that computers help you with clearity (the neat and tidy stuff), and it is also easier to use a memory stick to transfer your work. But what could happen if the power went out and you didn't have access to a computer at the last minute? You wouldn't be able to print off your work! It isn't always the greatest to rely on technology. How could you solve potential problems such as this?