Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In the article "Aspen firefighters rescue men in pipe" by Janet Urquhart what matters is that a man was looking out for the common well being of others. While two men were in a manhole working on a pipe, a water department employee noticed that there was water flowing in the pipe. This was very concerning to him because he knew that the men could be seriously hurt, so he immediately called for help. The fact that this man was so alert on the job and noticed that these two men were in trouble and saved them from being in grave danger. It is comforting to know that some people in the world care for others.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


In the article “5 boulder students OD on prescription drugs” what matters is that students are over dosing on drugs while in class. According to police a female had brought in drugs that were her mom’s medication that she stole and over dosed on. There are many things that are very bad about this report one is that kids are doing drugs in class. Also that they over dosed and could have possible died from this act. One thing is that the teacher didn’t even notice them taking the pills in her class and almost dying. This action should teach the school a lesson and let the teachers know that they need to be more aware of their class.