Monday, January 25, 2010


In the article “Cherry Creek breaks ground on $14 million school project” by Kieran Nicholson what matters is that people voted to have a new school built in order to house more children. This project was 14 million dollars, which made a 58,000 square foot school that will serve 6th- 12th graders. There are also going to be an institute for kindergarten to 5th grade to encourage them to go to the school. There will be many things that the students can learn about and kind of be like a collage when you can master in a certain subject.


In the issue of illegal drug use what matters is that there are too many people that are abusing the substances. Also many people have a very strong addiction to illegal drugs and it needs to stop. The amount of illegal drugs is on the rise in the US and causing more and more people to become addicted to these drugs. The government needs to crack down on this issue in order to stop it from rising. I have a three step plan from my Change the World essay. First the government needs to have larger punishments for first time offenders; also crack down on illegal drug trafficking to stop these drugs form coming into our nation, and have more resources for addicts to be able to stop this addiction of theirs.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The internet has changed the way i think by making it a little easier and sometimes more fun. There are many things on the internet that have helped me become a better student. There are also things out there that help you research no matter where you are such as Diigo( I have been using this site for a essay in my English class and it is very helpful to access to all my research where ever i am. Although there are many things that help you on the internet there are also some very dangerous things. This has helped me learn that i can not trust anything and everything out there on the internet. This is how the internet has helped me learn not only education but life as well.