Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In the article " Wife of terror suspect attended CU" By: Carlos Illescas what matters is that the wife of a terrorist suspect went to a major college in Colorado. This matters to the world because there are many people out there that do not care about what happens to them or any other people in our world, and will kill them if they are told to do so terrorist are very dangerous and there should be more precautions involving terrorists in the USA and keeping them out so that they do not hurt anyone else. This matters to school because if this man forced his wife to bring something to the school that would be very bad because the women could have blown up the school and killed a lot of people that attended the school. The fact that someone that had connections with a terrorist and went to a major college is very scary and people should have to have background checks to get in to college.


In the article "2txt? Or Nt2txt?" By: Garrison Keiller what matters is that texting and cellphones are taking over what the world is doing. This matters to world because everyone has a phone and they cause many things that do not need to be happening such as people texting or talking on the phone while driving and running into another car and killing someone also many people have lost the real way to talk to people in person because of how much they text. This matters to school because phones are a major distraction in class many kids text during class and they do not understand what is going on in class because of it and so they fail which is not good. The fact that cellphones are such a major part of peoples life is hard to understand especially because they cause death and kids to not be able to pass school.


In the article "Our boys are falling behind in education" By: Dottie Lamm what matters is that people think that boys are not doing as well as girls in school. This matters to the world because there are many jobs that some woman would not even think about doing and if boys don't have the right education than they cannot receive these jobs and the women will be forced to do the jobs. This also matters to school because if boys get bad grades they may be tempted to dropout and also with so many men in school it could also drop the test scores of the school which would not show the schools full potentially and that could affect the enrollment at the school. I think that it is important that boys work as hard as they can so that they can excel and become smart and a good impact on the society.


In the article "5th-grader falls under wheel of Jeffco school Bus" By: Kieran Nicholson what matters is that the bus driver did not recognize that a kid was following the bus and he ran him over.This matters to the world because this happens with type of vehicle if drivers are not aware of their surroundings they may hit anything and kill innocent people that do not deserve to die because of someones careless driving skills. This matters to schools because this was a fifth grader so he is older and there are many kids that are in first grade and ride the bus and do not know what is going on and could get hit even easier than a fifth grader. The fact that buses are so big and you cannot see what is around you maybe they need to change the style or get more aware drivers so that this does not happen again.


In the article "Jill Biden tours community college tech training programs" By: Colleen O Connor what matters is that this school is making energy that is good for the environment. This matters to the world because this school is creating things that are very efficient and also very good for the environment, also that they would let someone of such importance tour there college and give her demonstrations really shows you what a good college it really is. This matters to school because if there are kids that really want to learn about this type of thing but don't have enough money community college is a lot cheaper and these kids could still learn about this. It is very important that there are schools that are dedicated to renewable energy and making a better world so that we wont kill our earth anymore than we already have.


In the article "El Paso County deputy dragged 40 yards after traffic stop" By: The Denver Post what matters is that someone would drag a police officer behind their car after a routine traffic stop. This matters to the world because the people that protect and serve us are being threatened a lot more and many of them ending up dead police are not respected by some people and so they try to hurt them which is not good. This matters to schools because this could happen to a resource officer that works at a school and it could end up with firing of guns and that is potentially bad for students in the area of the shots. There are a lot more people that are fighting against the cops and i think that if they try to harm an officer they should be punished a lot more than what they would have been charged with.


In the article " Boulder mom cited after 6-year-old drives car" By: John Aguilar what matters is that a woman would let her 6 year old child drive a car and hit another car. This matters to the world because if this child would have gone further than the parking lot he could have killed someone, there are many kids that are really interested in driving but parents need to learn that it is not okay for kids that don't have permits to drive. This matters to schools because this child may tell his friends then all kids might want to do this, also by if someone lets there child drive and they come up to a school they could hit a child. The fact that parents are not careful about this is very scary because they could kill them selves or others and that is not fair.


In the article " CU suspends football player accused of buying booze for a Boulder High campout" by Vanessa Miller what matters is that someone would provide alcohol for minors at a school party. This matters to schools because this kind of thing is very bad and the fact that a trusted student would break the law makes you think of what else could be going on in school that is illegal. Also this matters to the world because there are more and more kids that are breaking the law and doing drugs and drinking alcohol, and if it does not stop the nation will have more kids dying everyday from such a bad thing for the body. It is very important that students and minors understand that it is not okay for them to be doing this and they will have to face serious consequences if they do.


In the article "3rd-grade CSAP scores show decline" By: Jermey P. Meyer and Burt Hubbard what matters is that CSAP scores are declining at such a young age. It is very important that students that are at a younger age that they are exposed to high test scores and the basics of school. This matters to the world because this is showing that our nation may becoming less intelligent, i think that it is necessary that students are good at such a young age to keep that mentality through there adult years. This matters to schools because it shows that maybe they need to work a little harder to teach the students of our new future so that we can have good one.

Friday, April 23, 2010


In the article "Woman bilked of $1,900 by fake DU student" By: The Denver Post what matters is that someone stole almost two thousand dollars from a lady. This man was claiming that he was from DU university and selling magi zines and convinced this lady to go and take out money from her bank account and give it to him.This matters to the world because this could be going on anywhere someone could scam you out of all the money that you have and you would not find out until it was to late. This also matters to school because there are tons of fundraisers and schools should be a little more careful so that more people have the chance to do this.

Friday, April 2, 2010


In the article "Man dies during "disturbance" at Colorado Springs bar" By: Kieran Nicholson what matters is that a little disturbance in a bar results in death. This man was beat to death outside of a bar and when cops showed up everyone left. After everyone left the cops showed up and found a man laying in the street dead. Just a disturbance turned into a fight for someones life this man may have had a family but died. This man may have no even done anything wrong but was killed and is leaving his life behind. This relates to world because the world is becoming more and violent with there actions and murder is on the rise. In the world the littlest thing could make someone angry and lead to them killing a person. I think that it is wrong that our nation can not work out issues so that no one dies in the end.

Monday, March 29, 2010


In the article "Bill would make public masturbation a misdemeanor" By: The Associated Press what matters is that something that is so repulsive and disgusting will get you into major trouble. This bill states that if you are caught masturbating in public it will be a misdemeanor which would make the people convicted a sex offender. Raising the punishment on this is a great idea because it would let people know that this is something that is not tolerated by anyone. It is very important that people understand that this is repulsive and not right and I think that this bell gets the point across that this action is very wrong. I think that it is important that the nation has changed with very important matters and that this act is not right nor agreed with.


In my ninth grade English class at Arapahoe High School we use our laptops every day and that is very useful. It is very nice to have laptops in class because we can research things for class. Although laptops are nice I think that are very distracting as well because you are tempted to go online and play games and do things that you should not be doing. With laptops in class now it is easier to do work on essays and papers, because you can save your things at home and do not have to use paper. When you use paper it is a lot harder to do corrections because it is very hard to see what is written with all the corrections. With laptops you can add in comments and then change whatever needs to be changed than delete the comment plus you don’t have to write it all over again just make corrections. If I was not able to have laptops in class next year I think that it would be very difficult change because of how accustom I have become with them already in class. It would make writing essays and papers a lot more difficult because I would have to re-write my paper all the time instead of just correcting them on a word document. I think that laptops have helped me become a better student because when I used to have to write on paper I would not want to do that so I would not right to my best ability. With laptops I feel that I can write everything on my mind and if does not work it is easy to change. Plus I can have the internet right there for research so that I can make my paper very strong writing.


In the article "Cops: Springs couple busted for marijuana-laced cookies" By: Kieran Nicholson what matters is that people were selling cookies with illegal substances in them. The couple was making cookies and putting marijuana in them so that they would not get caught selling illegal drugs. Well this backfired on them because, the boyfriend gave a sample of cookies and his card to a store clerk and the clerk reported it to the police. It is very scary to think that anything that someone makes may have something in it that could not be good for you. In some cases this could happen and someone could take advantage of you because of the things that were in whatever was made. The police found over 114 cookies in the couples house that they were ready to sell to anyone to make a quick buck.


In the article " Trooper's BAC level more than double legal limit" by: Jace Larson what matters is that a law enforcement officer was caught drinking in his patrol car. This officer blew a .194 almost twice the legal limit for the state of Colorado which is a .08. This man was also driving a State Patrol car while he was intoxicated and also drinking on the job. For such a high standard of policemen what is this showing young children about there role models drinking on the job. The fact that this man went through a background check and was trusted by the government is very scary to think. I have said this on many cases that law enforcement for the U.S needs to undergo major changes with who they are hiring and how they do there background checks. This trusted man could have easily killed someone on the road and should be lucky that he did not kill anyone. The officer that arrested this man should be awarded something for pulling over one of his own co-workers for suspicion that something was wrong and there was. Even though you are law enforcement does not mean that you are above the law at all.


In the article " Man accused of dog torture to plead guilty" By: The Associated Press what matters is that man that committed a crime is willing to say he did it. This mans sister on the other hand did not tell the truth she lied to investigators about this incident. This is a very cruel and mean crime and is very disgusting to think that people could kill a living animal that does not eve belong to them. The fact that people think that they can do this and get away with it is very wrong and should not be tolerated by anyone or anything.The mans sister stole the little puppy a German Shepard Mix named Buddy and said, "get rid of it." Even though this man committed a horrible crime he is confessing and saying that he did it which not very many people do that. So I think that it is very brave of this man to step up and say he did a horrible thing and is sorry and hopefully he will learn from his mistake.


In the article "Glenwood Springs man arrested on child pornography charge" By: Tom McGhee what matters is that a man would not only break the law but have something so repulsive on his computer. This man had over 50 images of children under the age of 18 on his hard drive from his computer and his grandma did not even notice it. The police stated that the grandma would let her grandson use the computer but yet she never saw this images ever. It is so disgusting that people have this kind of stuff on their computers and wrong on so many levels. I think that the punishment for this should be a lot more than what they are know, because this is the second arrest this month for child pornography. The punishment for this man is 10,000 bond and will be prosecuted today. The fact that this man did this is very repulsive and against the law.

Monday, March 1, 2010


In the article "30-year term for surgical tech who swapped infected needles" by: Jennifer Brown what matters is that someone would someone would transmit their virus to other innocent people that go in to the doctor for a check up. The worker had changed clean needles with saline in it with used needles that contained the pain-killer fentanyl. This is very low life and got many people sick and hurt. The actions of one person can affect a lot of peoples life's in very disturbing ways. This relates to education that someone that has access to these types of things is horrible enough to make many people sick. If this disease was transferred to a child in school they could spread throughout the school and make a lot of people very sick.


In the article "Raytheon awarded $886.5 million contract" by: Ann Schrader what matters is that this group in Aurora makes GPS devices for the US Air Force. There are already around 2,400 people that are specializing in creating global positioning devices. This is very good for the Air Force because this is great technology for them that helps them keep the world safe and themselves safe. This contract will open 300 new high paying jobs this is very important in the economy that we have right now. Also this is a lot of money that is going to towards the war and we have already put so much money into the war. We could be using this money to be paying debts to other country's so that we don't start another war. There are also a lot of budget cuts for schools and some of this money could as lo go to schools so that teachers could be payed more and school could have better supplies.


In the article "Man wounded in a Denver drive-by shooting" by: Kirk Mitchell what matters is that the world is still in gang violence everywhere. This horrible epidemic is spreading throughout the world and very quickly. There are over 15000 death each year in the US related to gangs. There are so many gangs out there and they even spread into schools which puts innocent peoples lives on the lines. Also so many people off the street die from drive-by shootings and that is not right because they are not related to gangs at all. Another thing is that gangs are very related to drugs which is also why drugs are so fast flowing because gangs can flow for miles and miles just in one state. I am very thankful that I live somewhere far away from gangs but i think that it is important that something is done about this issue.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


In the article "Foster mom guilty in death of Springs toddler" by The Gazette what matters is that someone that was trusted to take care of children until they could find a good home killed a toddler. All this kid was trying to do was find a good home after her parents were sent jail and could not take care of her or her brother anymore.This is very sad that the parents lost there kid to someone that just didn't care about a living human. The woman was charged with child abuse and manslaughter of a two year old girl. This woman may have had anger issues but that is no reason for her to take it out on two year and kill her. There are some people that do this job just for the money and others that do it just because they feel that it is right and take care of kids that have lost there parents or guardians.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In "Digital Ethnography" of Kansas University State blog, by Prof Wesch what matters is that college students involved in the K-State Proud help students get their way trough college. Some students have experienced illness in their family or themselves and need help, they could have also had all of their personal belongings taken by a tornado, flood, or robbers etc... The members of the K-State program raise money for these students so that they can finish college. There are over 100 members of the K-State Proud program that pool their money and make money for students that can't quite pay for college. This is very nice of these people to help out people that they may not even know, the members of the K-State Program should be very proud of them selves for being so nice to people.


For my action plan I will be volunteering for the D.A.R.E program which is a program helping kids understand why not to do drugs. I hope that i could talk to some people about this industry and why it is so bad and how I think that it can be changed. The industry of illegal drugs is very wide spread throughout the world and if it changes it would lift a huge burden of the world's society. Going to the D.A.R.E program I could maybe enlighten people as to what my action plan is and maybe that would give those people a new plan to solve illegal drug use and prohibition.


In the article "Slain airman's dog tags stolen from window's car" by The Denver Post what matters is that someone would steal a dead mans dog tags. This is very rude and disgusts me how can someone steal dog tags fromsomeone who served for our country and kept you safe. I could not imagine how the family felt considering that this may have been the only thing that they had left of the fallen family member. What drives somone to steal Dog Tags from someone that has served our country in order to keep you safe. This is very messed up and is not right at all hopefully the person returns the Dog Tags to the family so that they have something left of the fallen solider.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


In the article "Penalties for all illegal drugs under review" by James Meikle what matters is that in the past thirty years the government has made no changes to illegal drug laws. With illegal drug prohibition and use the laws need to be a lot harsher on addicts. After thirty years the laws are only even under review and need to be changed in order for illegal drug use in the US to go way down. After so many years with the law finally changing addicts will have to change, but will also think that they can keep doing it since the laws have not been changed for ever.

Monday, February 8, 2010


In the article "Understanding drug abuse and addiction" by NIDA what matters is that drug addiction can be cured. It is stated that addicts that get help with there addiction with the help from family, communities, schools, and media addicts are very likely to become clean. Also this shows that addiction is a curable disease and we can take illegal drugs can be taken out of the US. Just helping out people in need of help would cure this horrible industry in the world.I think that is is very important that the government makes more resources for addicts to take more drugs off the street. There are more ways then just locking up addicts to take drugs off the street if the nation can just help addicts we can take drugs off the street with twice the power.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I think that laptops are not a waste of time and money for schools. They allow kids to be able to look up many things around the world for projects in class. Also it allows children to type things in class and be able to have spell checks and dictionarys. My english class uses computers and from personal expierence it is very useful in class than pen and paper. The other thing is a waste of time but they are not they allow kids to type things quicker than pen and paper; also they can use online dictionarys instead of looking it up in a regular dictionary and taking for ever.

Monday, January 25, 2010


In the article “Cherry Creek breaks ground on $14 million school project” by Kieran Nicholson what matters is that people voted to have a new school built in order to house more children. This project was 14 million dollars, which made a 58,000 square foot school that will serve 6th- 12th graders. There are also going to be an institute for kindergarten to 5th grade to encourage them to go to the school. There will be many things that the students can learn about and kind of be like a collage when you can master in a certain subject.


In the issue of illegal drug use what matters is that there are too many people that are abusing the substances. Also many people have a very strong addiction to illegal drugs and it needs to stop. The amount of illegal drugs is on the rise in the US and causing more and more people to become addicted to these drugs. The government needs to crack down on this issue in order to stop it from rising. I have a three step plan from my Change the World essay. First the government needs to have larger punishments for first time offenders; also crack down on illegal drug trafficking to stop these drugs form coming into our nation, and have more resources for addicts to be able to stop this addiction of theirs.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The internet has changed the way i think by making it a little easier and sometimes more fun. There are many things on the internet that have helped me become a better student. There are also things out there that help you research no matter where you are such as Diigo(http://www.diigo.com/tools). I have been using this site for a essay in my English class and it is very helpful to access to all my research where ever i am. Although there are many things that help you on the internet there are also some very dangerous things. This has helped me learn that i can not trust anything and everything out there on the internet. This is how the internet has helped me learn not only education but life as well.