Monday, March 29, 2010


In my ninth grade English class at Arapahoe High School we use our laptops every day and that is very useful. It is very nice to have laptops in class because we can research things for class. Although laptops are nice I think that are very distracting as well because you are tempted to go online and play games and do things that you should not be doing. With laptops in class now it is easier to do work on essays and papers, because you can save your things at home and do not have to use paper. When you use paper it is a lot harder to do corrections because it is very hard to see what is written with all the corrections. With laptops you can add in comments and then change whatever needs to be changed than delete the comment plus you don’t have to write it all over again just make corrections. If I was not able to have laptops in class next year I think that it would be very difficult change because of how accustom I have become with them already in class. It would make writing essays and papers a lot more difficult because I would have to re-write my paper all the time instead of just correcting them on a word document. I think that laptops have helped me become a better student because when I used to have to write on paper I would not want to do that so I would not right to my best ability. With laptops I feel that I can write everything on my mind and if does not work it is easy to change. Plus I can have the internet right there for research so that I can make my paper very strong writing.

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