Friday, April 23, 2010


In the article "Woman bilked of $1,900 by fake DU student" By: The Denver Post what matters is that someone stole almost two thousand dollars from a lady. This man was claiming that he was from DU university and selling magi zines and convinced this lady to go and take out money from her bank account and give it to him.This matters to the world because this could be going on anywhere someone could scam you out of all the money that you have and you would not find out until it was to late. This also matters to school because there are tons of fundraisers and schools should be a little more careful so that more people have the chance to do this.

Friday, April 2, 2010


In the article "Man dies during "disturbance" at Colorado Springs bar" By: Kieran Nicholson what matters is that a little disturbance in a bar results in death. This man was beat to death outside of a bar and when cops showed up everyone left. After everyone left the cops showed up and found a man laying in the street dead. Just a disturbance turned into a fight for someones life this man may have had a family but died. This man may have no even done anything wrong but was killed and is leaving his life behind. This relates to world because the world is becoming more and violent with there actions and murder is on the rise. In the world the littlest thing could make someone angry and lead to them killing a person. I think that it is wrong that our nation can not work out issues so that no one dies in the end.