Sunday, February 21, 2010


In the article "Foster mom guilty in death of Springs toddler" by The Gazette what matters is that someone that was trusted to take care of children until they could find a good home killed a toddler. All this kid was trying to do was find a good home after her parents were sent jail and could not take care of her or her brother anymore.This is very sad that the parents lost there kid to someone that just didn't care about a living human. The woman was charged with child abuse and manslaughter of a two year old girl. This woman may have had anger issues but that is no reason for her to take it out on two year and kill her. There are some people that do this job just for the money and others that do it just because they feel that it is right and take care of kids that have lost there parents or guardians.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In "Digital Ethnography" of Kansas University State blog, by Prof Wesch what matters is that college students involved in the K-State Proud help students get their way trough college. Some students have experienced illness in their family or themselves and need help, they could have also had all of their personal belongings taken by a tornado, flood, or robbers etc... The members of the K-State program raise money for these students so that they can finish college. There are over 100 members of the K-State Proud program that pool their money and make money for students that can't quite pay for college. This is very nice of these people to help out people that they may not even know, the members of the K-State Program should be very proud of them selves for being so nice to people.


For my action plan I will be volunteering for the D.A.R.E program which is a program helping kids understand why not to do drugs. I hope that i could talk to some people about this industry and why it is so bad and how I think that it can be changed. The industry of illegal drugs is very wide spread throughout the world and if it changes it would lift a huge burden of the world's society. Going to the D.A.R.E program I could maybe enlighten people as to what my action plan is and maybe that would give those people a new plan to solve illegal drug use and prohibition.


In the article "Slain airman's dog tags stolen from window's car" by The Denver Post what matters is that someone would steal a dead mans dog tags. This is very rude and disgusts me how can someone steal dog tags fromsomeone who served for our country and kept you safe. I could not imagine how the family felt considering that this may have been the only thing that they had left of the fallen family member. What drives somone to steal Dog Tags from someone that has served our country in order to keep you safe. This is very messed up and is not right at all hopefully the person returns the Dog Tags to the family so that they have something left of the fallen solider.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


In the article "Penalties for all illegal drugs under review" by James Meikle what matters is that in the past thirty years the government has made no changes to illegal drug laws. With illegal drug prohibition and use the laws need to be a lot harsher on addicts. After thirty years the laws are only even under review and need to be changed in order for illegal drug use in the US to go way down. After so many years with the law finally changing addicts will have to change, but will also think that they can keep doing it since the laws have not been changed for ever.

Monday, February 8, 2010


In the article "Understanding drug abuse and addiction" by NIDA what matters is that drug addiction can be cured. It is stated that addicts that get help with there addiction with the help from family, communities, schools, and media addicts are very likely to become clean. Also this shows that addiction is a curable disease and we can take illegal drugs can be taken out of the US. Just helping out people in need of help would cure this horrible industry in the world.I think that is is very important that the government makes more resources for addicts to take more drugs off the street. There are more ways then just locking up addicts to take drugs off the street if the nation can just help addicts we can take drugs off the street with twice the power.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I think that laptops are not a waste of time and money for schools. They allow kids to be able to look up many things around the world for projects in class. Also it allows children to type things in class and be able to have spell checks and dictionarys. My english class uses computers and from personal expierence it is very useful in class than pen and paper. The other thing is a waste of time but they are not they allow kids to type things quicker than pen and paper; also they can use online dictionarys instead of looking it up in a regular dictionary and taking for ever.