Monday, November 23, 2009


In the article " Colorado grain elevator fined after teen's death" what matters is a man was having teenagers work for him and he died on the job. He was suffocated in a bin of grain while working, the man that hired the teen is being fined 1.6 million dollars. On top of this incident he had a total of 25v violations 13 of which being very serious violations. The owner had a total of 15 minors working for him, this is bad that our government made laws about child laws along time ago but people are resorting to it now. The youngest worker was 13 years old and the oldest being 17, this kids were working for little money and in dangerous working conditions.


In the article " Denver man honored as neighborhood hero" by The Denver Post the thing that matters is that a man saved someones life that he didn't know. While walking around he noticed a man trying to hang himself at the Bus stop with a belt. So this man ran over and cut the belt away from the mans neck, he had this knife from his grandfathers advice to always carry around a knife. This man is being awarded as a neighborhood hero for keeping this man alive, one thing that is concerning is that what if this man had the knife for bad reasons this should be considered by the police. Even though he saved a mans life what if he had bad intentions with the knife. This may also send a message to people that it is okay to carry around a knife since this man got an award carrying around a sharp knife.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the article "Commerce City golf course taking aim at geese" by Howard Pankratz what matters is that people are trying to get rid of animals in a Non-Human ways. The golf course is setting off things that make loud nosies and say that they are non harmful but what if one the geese walked over one and when it exploded and harmed the geese. I think that there is a better way to get rid of the geese with out possible hurting them. Also the government should have gone in and researched this to make sure that it is not harmful. Plus company's that do this should have to get clearance form the government first so that they are not doing anything illegal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the article "Put Forth our best Writing selves" by Douglas Hesse the main point is that writing is becoming more popular because people can express them selves through it.

Monday, November 9, 2009


In the article " Fort Carson solider arrested for allegedly firing gun at people outside bar" by Maria St. Louis-Shancez what matters is that a man trusted by the US government tried to kill someone. The fact that this man was in the army, navy, or marines he thinks he can fire a gun at civilized people which is against the law and this man should know his laws very well. The man should be severely fined and punished for his actions in the act of almost killing a citizen. This is very scary to think that someone that was hired to protect our country almost killed someone. He had also had felony's in the past which i think that the government should take more precautions, so that people will not do this and not hire people that have had criminal records.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In the article "CO health board backs off medical marijuana rule" by Ivan Moreno what matters is that the government is putting laws down as to who can sell marijuana for medical reasons. After these laws were written the health board said that it is a good idea because it will be harder for patients to obtain marijuana for their medical purposes. Some people do not agree with this policy and think that it is very wrong because the fact that people may really need it butmay not be able to. Others think it is a good idea and it may help with marijuana addictions or people buying it and saying that theyhave medical issues. I personal think that it is a good policy because it will make it harder for people to obtain marijuana that they may not actually need.