Monday, November 23, 2009


In the article " Denver man honored as neighborhood hero" by The Denver Post the thing that matters is that a man saved someones life that he didn't know. While walking around he noticed a man trying to hang himself at the Bus stop with a belt. So this man ran over and cut the belt away from the mans neck, he had this knife from his grandfathers advice to always carry around a knife. This man is being awarded as a neighborhood hero for keeping this man alive, one thing that is concerning is that what if this man had the knife for bad reasons this should be considered by the police. Even though he saved a mans life what if he had bad intentions with the knife. This may also send a message to people that it is okay to carry around a knife since this man got an award carrying around a sharp knife.

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  1. Good post! You added in some really good insight to the matter! Most people would read this article and see the good side of it, but you went deeper and read in between the lines. Good job!