Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In the article " Wife of terror suspect attended CU" By: Carlos Illescas what matters is that the wife of a terrorist suspect went to a major college in Colorado. This matters to the world because there are many people out there that do not care about what happens to them or any other people in our world, and will kill them if they are told to do so terrorist are very dangerous and there should be more precautions involving terrorists in the USA and keeping them out so that they do not hurt anyone else. This matters to school because if this man forced his wife to bring something to the school that would be very bad because the women could have blown up the school and killed a lot of people that attended the school. The fact that someone that had connections with a terrorist and went to a major college is very scary and people should have to have background checks to get in to college.


In the article "2txt? Or Nt2txt?" By: Garrison Keiller what matters is that texting and cellphones are taking over what the world is doing. This matters to world because everyone has a phone and they cause many things that do not need to be happening such as people texting or talking on the phone while driving and running into another car and killing someone also many people have lost the real way to talk to people in person because of how much they text. This matters to school because phones are a major distraction in class many kids text during class and they do not understand what is going on in class because of it and so they fail which is not good. The fact that cellphones are such a major part of peoples life is hard to understand especially because they cause death and kids to not be able to pass school.


In the article "Our boys are falling behind in education" By: Dottie Lamm what matters is that people think that boys are not doing as well as girls in school. This matters to the world because there are many jobs that some woman would not even think about doing and if boys don't have the right education than they cannot receive these jobs and the women will be forced to do the jobs. This also matters to school because if boys get bad grades they may be tempted to dropout and also with so many men in school it could also drop the test scores of the school which would not show the schools full potentially and that could affect the enrollment at the school. I think that it is important that boys work as hard as they can so that they can excel and become smart and a good impact on the society.


In the article "5th-grader falls under wheel of Jeffco school Bus" By: Kieran Nicholson what matters is that the bus driver did not recognize that a kid was following the bus and he ran him over.This matters to the world because this happens with type of vehicle if drivers are not aware of their surroundings they may hit anything and kill innocent people that do not deserve to die because of someones careless driving skills. This matters to schools because this was a fifth grader so he is older and there are many kids that are in first grade and ride the bus and do not know what is going on and could get hit even easier than a fifth grader. The fact that buses are so big and you cannot see what is around you maybe they need to change the style or get more aware drivers so that this does not happen again.


In the article "Jill Biden tours community college tech training programs" By: Colleen O Connor what matters is that this school is making energy that is good for the environment. This matters to the world because this school is creating things that are very efficient and also very good for the environment, also that they would let someone of such importance tour there college and give her demonstrations really shows you what a good college it really is. This matters to school because if there are kids that really want to learn about this type of thing but don't have enough money community college is a lot cheaper and these kids could still learn about this. It is very important that there are schools that are dedicated to renewable energy and making a better world so that we wont kill our earth anymore than we already have.


In the article "El Paso County deputy dragged 40 yards after traffic stop" By: The Denver Post what matters is that someone would drag a police officer behind their car after a routine traffic stop. This matters to the world because the people that protect and serve us are being threatened a lot more and many of them ending up dead police are not respected by some people and so they try to hurt them which is not good. This matters to schools because this could happen to a resource officer that works at a school and it could end up with firing of guns and that is potentially bad for students in the area of the shots. There are a lot more people that are fighting against the cops and i think that if they try to harm an officer they should be punished a lot more than what they would have been charged with.


In the article " Boulder mom cited after 6-year-old drives car" By: John Aguilar what matters is that a woman would let her 6 year old child drive a car and hit another car. This matters to the world because if this child would have gone further than the parking lot he could have killed someone, there are many kids that are really interested in driving but parents need to learn that it is not okay for kids that don't have permits to drive. This matters to schools because this child may tell his friends then all kids might want to do this, also by if someone lets there child drive and they come up to a school they could hit a child. The fact that parents are not careful about this is very scary because they could kill them selves or others and that is not fair.


In the article " CU suspends football player accused of buying booze for a Boulder High campout" by Vanessa Miller what matters is that someone would provide alcohol for minors at a school party. This matters to schools because this kind of thing is very bad and the fact that a trusted student would break the law makes you think of what else could be going on in school that is illegal. Also this matters to the world because there are more and more kids that are breaking the law and doing drugs and drinking alcohol, and if it does not stop the nation will have more kids dying everyday from such a bad thing for the body. It is very important that students and minors understand that it is not okay for them to be doing this and they will have to face serious consequences if they do.


In the article "3rd-grade CSAP scores show decline" By: Jermey P. Meyer and Burt Hubbard what matters is that CSAP scores are declining at such a young age. It is very important that students that are at a younger age that they are exposed to high test scores and the basics of school. This matters to the world because this is showing that our nation may becoming less intelligent, i think that it is necessary that students are good at such a young age to keep that mentality through there adult years. This matters to schools because it shows that maybe they need to work a little harder to teach the students of our new future so that we can have good one.