Monday, March 29, 2010


In the article " Trooper's BAC level more than double legal limit" by: Jace Larson what matters is that a law enforcement officer was caught drinking in his patrol car. This officer blew a .194 almost twice the legal limit for the state of Colorado which is a .08. This man was also driving a State Patrol car while he was intoxicated and also drinking on the job. For such a high standard of policemen what is this showing young children about there role models drinking on the job. The fact that this man went through a background check and was trusted by the government is very scary to think. I have said this on many cases that law enforcement for the U.S needs to undergo major changes with who they are hiring and how they do there background checks. This trusted man could have easily killed someone on the road and should be lucky that he did not kill anyone. The officer that arrested this man should be awarded something for pulling over one of his own co-workers for suspicion that something was wrong and there was. Even though you are law enforcement does not mean that you are above the law at all.

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