Thursday, October 29, 2009


In the article "Pitkin investigating booby trap left on trail for bicyclists" by an anomuse writer of The Denver Post what matters is that someone tried to hurt people that were bicycling and trying to have fun. This is scary that someone is trying to choke someone for what ever reason and really hurt someone. Luckily two people found it before someone got hurt cops have looked into it and are going to press charges if they can find the person who did it. Another thing to consider is that what if someone triggered this and had a baby with them or a young child and both of them died. I think that this is a vile act and if these people get caught they should faceserious cahrges for it.

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  1. Yeah that's extremely upsetting. It's depressing that some people even consider doing such things. Would you consider this act an evil one?